Pro360 Diabetic Protein Powder
Rs. 590.00 Rs. 675.00

Pro360 Diabetic Protein Powder Nutrition Health Drink Supplement For Diabetes Care

Product Details

Brand: Pro 360

Flavour: Badam 

Form of Item: Powder


  • Pro360 diabetic protein drink powder consists of all necessary ingredients
  • Tri-protein formula along with being rich in fibre, and essential vitamins and mineral, pro 360`s formula provides an amazing dose of protein as well. The tri-protein formula consists of skimmed milk powder, whey protein, and soy protein all of which combined makes for an ideal protein-rich meal
  • Pro360 diabetic protein nutritional drink contains rich values of dha, a type of omega-3 fat which can lower the risk of heart disease, and has low glycemic index which causes a lower and slower rise in blood glucose
  • Storage Instructions: Store the container in a cool dry place, away from heat, light, and moisture. Ensure that the lid is closed tightly after use. Once opened, use the contents within 15 days and always use a completely dry spoon. Pro 360 should be consumed as part of a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle
  • Total Weight: 500 gm; Package Contents: 1 diabetic adult nutrition health drink

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