Crescent Steamer Cum Vaporizers

Crescent Steamer Cum Vaporizers
Rs. 300.00 Rs. 499.00

Crescent 3 in 1 steamer cum vaporiser(NOZZLE/INHALER/FACIAL SUANA) relieve in COLD, ASTHAMA BRONCHITIS

Product Details

Brand: Crescent

Colour: Red

Product Description

  • The steamer Provides relief from cold, throat infection and congestion problems. You can add inhalants to the vaporizers like medicines too.
  • Facial sauna can be used for beauty purpose. You can use the sauna during facial, massaging and at the time of clean up. The vaporizer helps to clear the clogs and open the facial pores present deeply
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated: Facial saunas open pores and leave skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated. Steaming your face helps release impurities from beneath the skin’s surface to achieve younger-looking skin.
  • Increases blood flow: Facial saunas help to loosen blackheads and increase blood flow and circulation to skin surface resulting in increased oxygen to the surface and more of a skin glow. When you steam your face it triggers a thermoregulating response, this basically means that your blood vessels dilate so more blood flows to the skin. When you have more blood flowing to your skin, it delivers more oxygen and more nutrients to the skin tissue resulting in glowing skin.
  • Useful tips: Steam your face for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes.Only steam once a week. use soft water only, don`t use RO or hard water
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